Welcome to the International Council for the Study of Viruses and Virus-like Diseases of the Grapevine (ICVG). Founded in 1964, ICVG is a non-profit scientific organization that promotes worldwide research collaboration on virus and virus-like diseases of grapevines. Areas of studies by ICVG members include, but are not limited to, disease etiology, diagnostics, therapeutics, effect of graft-transmissible agents on vine health, epidemiology, management, and certification. Our members have a rich history of making discoveries, contributing knowledge, and developing disease control programs in support of the well being and growth of the juice, wine and table grape industries worldwide. Our regular conferences offer unique opportunities to network, exchange information, and discuss the latest advancements on the biology and management of viruses, viroids and phytoplasmas, and the diseases they cause. This website is a gateway to information about the history of our organization, our members, and the resources available to the community. Please join ICVG (membership is free) and contact me with any questions or suggestions.

Prof. Marc Fuchs, President


Numerous pathogens including viruses (85), phytoplasmas (8), viroids (5), and bacteria (3) are known to infect grapevines. Many of these pathogens cause diseases that reduce vine vigor and longevity, and alter fruit yield and quality. All efforts by ICVG and its members should be made to produce clean stocks and protect them from re-infection, to advance our understanding of the nature and spread of pathogens, to develop management options, and to transfer research-based information and technology to vineyard managers and vintners.

Contact: Dr. Maher Al Rwahnih | Foundation Plant Services | University of California, Davis
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